Updating your home doesn’t have to be all about wood. Wood is great for some do-it-yourself projects, but others call for a more modern twist. Consider using a boltless construction system for a custom DIY solution incorporating easy-to-assemble components. Keep your work space sawdust-free and give your sawhorse a break.

Custom Home Organization

Do you need new shelves for that oddly shaped pantry? Maybe you’ve always wanted to build your own office storage area or closet organizer. A boltless construction system offers the perfect answer. Just jot down the dimensions and order your aluminum framing system from EZTube. Cut your tubes with a hacksaw tubes before assembling, or let us do the prep work for you. Tap the connectors into the tubes, and voila! Your shelving is complete. It really is that easy.

Look, Ma — No Fumes!

A boltless construction system doesn’t just make it easy to organize your living spaces or home office. Eliminating the need for paint, stain and other wood finishing products means your home and workshop or garage are free of toxic — or at least obnoxious — fumes. You probably won’t miss sweeping up and inhaling post-project sawdust, either. Experience the convenience, tidiness and custom look of a boltless construction system, and you’ll probably want to skip the wood for your next project.