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Our commercial-grade end caps are designed to “round off” the ends of tubes and also accommodate other accessories. Our full line of accessories are the perfect way to put the finishing touch on your EZTube project and attach wheels, leveling feet, hinges, rivet nuts, and more.

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Industrial-Grade End Caps for 1-inch Square Tubes & Extrusions by EZ Tube

Discover EZTube’s Heavy-Duty Square End Cap collection. Meticulously crafted, our commercial-grade products are specifically engineered to seamlessly “round off” the ends of your 1-inch square tubes while effortlessly accommodating a myriad of accessories. Improve the functionality and aesthetics of your EZTube project by incorporating our full offerings, all designed to provide the perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re looking to attach wheels, casters, leveling feet, adjustable hinges, rivets, rivet nuts, or anything else, our products are the essential components you need for a flawless assembly. Expertly engineered for 1-inch square tubes, our commercial-grade solutions seamlessly complete your projects while accommodating various accessories. Enhance both functionality and aesthetics effortlessly with our comprehensive line. From wheels to rivets, find everything you need for flawless assembly. Optimize the efficacy of your square tube projects with EZTube’s premium end caps portfolio.

With meticulous craftsmanship tailored for 1-inch square tubes, our commercial-grade solutions effortlessly elevate your projects while effortlessly integrating with a variety of accessories. Enhance both the functionality and visual appeal effortlessly with our comprehensive line of products. Whether you’re in need of wheels, rivets, or any other component, find everything required for seamless assembly. Maximize the efficiency of your square tube endeavors with EZTube’s premium solutions.

Shop our complete selection of end caps for tubes today and revolutionize your square tube projects with EZ Tube’s premium end cap solutions for 1-inch tubes and extruded aluminum.

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