2-Way Connectors by EZTube


Our 2-Way Connectors are specifically designed to work flawlessly with our proprietary 1.00″ x 1.00″ x .050″ EZTube tubing.

Available in multiple colors, materials, and fit configurations, two-way EZTube connectors offer the perfect solution to continue building your dream project with EZTube!

300 (2-Way "L")
302 (2-Way "Coupler")
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Shop 2-Way Connectors and Fasteners: Boltless Framing Solutions by EZTube

Explore advanced framing and design with 2-Way Connectors and Fasteners by EZ Tube, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with our proprietary 1.00″ x 1.00″ x .050″ EZ Tube aluminum extrusions, steel, and stainless steel tubes. An indispensable component for framing versatility, our 2-Way fasteners ensure your project with EZTube connects effortlessly.

Choose from a spectrum of colors, materials, and fit configurations to tailor your design precisely. EZTube’s 2-Way Connectors provide a versatile solution, allowing your dream project to take shape seamlessly.

Compatible with all EZ Tube products, our 2-Way Fasteners enhance your design possibilities. Whether configured as standalone “ends” or adapted through drilling and tapping to accommodate various accessories like casters, rivet nuts, adjustable feet, and more, EZTube’s innovative connectors and fasteners offer unparalleled flexibility.

More Information

All fasteners and connectors by EZTube are compatible with EZ Tube aluminum extrusions, EZTube aluminum tubes, EZTube steel tubes, EZ Tube stainless steel tubes, EZ Tube industrial hardware, and EZTube industrial accessories to form a tight fit with ease of assembly. Use a soft-faced hammer to tap the composite or steel-core connectors and fasteners into place, or choose the quick-release option for future disassembly needs!

At the core of EZTube, our comprehensive line of high-strength one-inch connectors and fasteners joins our EZTube aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, EZTube steel tubes, stainless tubes, EZTube industrial hardware, and industrial accessories to form a tight fit with ease of assembly. Complete your frame effortlessly by using a soft-faced hammer to tap the connectors into place or select our quick-release option for future modifications! Available in seven different right-angle configurations in black or gray, quick-release or tight-fit composite, as well as black steel core, we offer a connector for every EZTube application.

Our connectors are proudly made in the USA, crafted from advanced and highly durable composite materials with high melting points and maximum load-bearing capacities. For supreme capacities and durability, we offer welded steel-core hammer fit connectors and fasteners for industrial and outdoor use.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Connector Color
Connector Configuration
300 (2-Way "L")
302 (2-Way "Coupler")
Connector Fit Permanent Hammer Fit, Quick Release for Assembly/Disassembly
Connector Material Composite, Welded Steel Core
2-Way Connectors by EZTube