An EZTube aluminum frame and aluminum framing system present you with endless possibilities for your creations. A boltless construction system is perfect for a variety of settings and can create stunning displays that are perfect for your business and beyond. Below are a few of the many creations that have been made possible with our aluminum framing system. From sound enclosures and workstations to display stands and machine safety guards, has the aluminum frame you need for your creative imagination.

An EZTube boltless construction system is versatile, light-duty, and a cost-effective way to create stunning displays and then some. We also carry boltless construction systems in steel, as well as a variety of accessories and tools to help you create the very best displays and more. These are just a few samples of items you can create with an amazing aluminum framing system from EZTube.

EZTube is a versatile product that can be used for just about any application imaginable. Here are a few creative projects our customers have created using EZTube!