Have you decided it’s finally time to carve out aspace in your home for an office? Setting up an office in your home is easierand more affordable than you might have thought. A desk and some storage spaceare all you need to get started.

Desks can be had cheaply or crafted from found materials. Plastic storage binsand metal file cabinets can be found for a song at used furniture outlets,warehouses, flea markets and estate sales. Shelving extends your storage spaceand lets you display a few decorative items.

If you want to go the DIY route, consider building your own custom shelvingwith a boltless construction system. Anaffordable, heavy-duty boltless frame is easy to build and allows for customconfiguration. Aluminum, steel or powder-coated tubes and other pieces snapinto place, requiring no building experience.

The bonus for those just starting out is that a boltless construction systemallows to add sections or reconfigure your entirely as your business grows. Ifyou end up renting an office space or expanding your existing office, you caneasily move your shelves.

Entrepreneurs need flexible, affordable solutions, especially early on. A boltless construction system gives you theadaptability you need without the cheap, unprofessional look of makeshiftoffice furniture.