Custom orders and/or jobs cannot be cancelled or returned once the purchase order[s] have/has been issued to International Designs, Limited (EZTube). Due to the volatility of the commodities market and increasing material costs, prices are subject to change and are effective at date of shipment. International Designs, Limited (EZTube) are not responsible for design and implementation of products fabricated with International Designs, Limited (EZTube) components. Customer assumes all responsibility for components using International Designs (EZTube) components.

International Designs, Limited (EZTube) will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries, accidents, or fatalities that may occur as a result of the use, misuse, or handling of any merchandise sold. It is the responsibility of the user[s] and/or all parties involved to exercise safety precautions in accordance with the use of any product. EZTube strongly encourages customers to exercise caution and follow safety protocols when using and designing projects.