Have you visited the new section on our website? Check out some products we’ve added to the EZTube Lifestyle section! With EZTube Lifestyle, we use our materials to create unique designs for you to use in your daily life!

Cigar and Pipe Rest by EZTube*

EZTube has created a sleek, modern, and minimalist solution for cigar and pipe aficionados. This unique cut of one of our extrusions gives you a simple, yet tasteful rest for your pipe or cigar.

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Floral and Plant Frame by EZTube

This Frame is made to perfectly hold your small plants and allow you to customize it to any style you like. You can wrap the Fram with fabric to create a themed design or with plants that grow vines, wrap the vines around the frame to give it a unique but industrial look!

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*International Designs/EZTube does not condone the use of tobacco products. Examples demonstrated throughout this website and/or other promotional materials/outlets are merely demonstrations of the vast applications for which EZTube may be used and should not be interpreted as promotion of the use of tobacco products.