EZTube offers many different solutions when it comes to storage in small spaces.

Different frames have been used in van builds, closets and spaces where size is limited, cabinets, and much more! Below are a few different ways EZTube can be used to save space or improve the efficiency of your closet space.

Custom closet space built with EZTube

Closet Shelving

This EZTube Shelving set up and customized in size to comfortably fit into your closet or storage space. This gives you the opportunity to be as efficient with your space as possible. This can be used from spaces as small as tiny homes all the way to the largest walk in closets!

Shaping Your Frame

With the custom shape of your frame, we can take into account what type of shape will work best for you. Think about how large or what shape you want the shelves to be, if you want to hang clothes within the frame, and would we want to potentially add sliding doors. Be sure to include these special additions to your build request!

Show us your projects!

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