Purchasing a custom portable lighting rig can cost an arm and a leg. Why overspend when you can create a truly custom lighting rig with EZTube? With our boltless construction system, you can create a right that is made for the lighting you already have. This gives you the freedom to work within the parameters of the venue or home you are working with. This eliminates expensive custom rigs or having to use an inconvenient house rig.

By making your own lighting rig using our boltless construction system, you avoid issues that may arise when you are using a flimsy, clumsy system that you see all too often by armatures. Let’s take a look at some of the creations our customers have made.

This is an aquarium lighting system. If you or anyone you know owns an aquarium, you know how much fun it is to customize it. You also know how much aquarium lighting systems go for online. By using the EZTube boltless construction system, you are in complete control over your rig.

Above is a different style of light rack, using the same principal. As you can see, our boltless construction system is extremely versatile when it comes to making your own creations. Whether you are making a fixture for your home or taking your rig on the road, check out what EZTube has to offer.