Not all trade shows are the same. If you are going from city to city; convention hall to convention hall – you know that every plot of hotel carpeting you take up is different. Unless you work for a major international conglomerate, your square footage and placement is going to be different every time. This can cause problems when it comes to constructing your display. What’s great about EZ Tube is that it is mobile, manageable and modular.

Whatever kind of placement you get at your next trade show or convention, you know you can be prepared with EZ Tube modular framing. Think about it; whether you are placed in the center of the convention hall or against the wall, there are several design challenges that go into creating a great display for your situation.

With modular framing from EZ Tube, you don’t need to travel with bulky additions, curtains, or anything else that takes a long time to modify your display. EZ Tube makes custom displays easy! When you make your display with EZ Tube, your display becomes versatile in the sense that you can change, replace, add or subtract from your display in seconds.

The parts are so compact that travelling from town to town with them is far easier than with pre-assembled structures that are big and bulky.

If you are making several stops on your trade show tour, use the modular framing that you can trust – EZ Tube.