At EZTube, we provide boltless framing systems that are made of aluminum andsteel. The equipment can be used to create photo booths, unique displays andcarts. Our business also offers numerous accessories and tools, such ashammers, several types of connectors and custom inserts.

The Tubes

Our company is able to create custom tubes for your frame. By using ourwebsite’s features, you can select the length and the diameter of eachcomponent, and we have the ability to add numerous types of clips to the tubesthat allow them to be securely connected to other parts of the frame.

The Bottom of the Frame

Our experts can attach sizable casters to the boltless framing systems that apatron selects, and we are able to add brakes to the wheels. A thick baseplatemay also be attached to the frame in order to stabilize it.


We have a large selection of ferrules and rings. Customers can choose durablehinges that are made of zinc, polycarbonate or aluminum. Furthermore, ourpatrons are able to customize the finish of certain auxiliary items that weoffer.

Placing an Order

To learn more information about our boltless framing systems, you shouldcomplete the form on our website, oryou may call 800-833-2522. When you make a purchase, your package will shippedwithin 24 hours.