1-Way Connectors

1-Way “End” Connectors and Fasteners by EZTube for Advanced Framing Design

For use with all products. Complete your design with one-way connectors and fasteners by EZTube. These can be configured as standalone “ends” or drilled and tapped in a variety of ways to accommodate accessories such as casters, rivet nuts, adjustable feet, and more for advanced frames and modular framing solutions.

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All fasteners and connectors by EZTube are compatible with aluminum extrusions, EZTube aluminum tubes, EZTube steel tubes, EZTube stainless steel tubes, EZTube industrial hardware, and EZTube industrial accessories to form a tight fit with ease of assembly. Use a soft-faced hammer to tap the composite or steel-core connectors and fasteners into place, or use choose quick-release option if you need to disassemble your design in the future!

The core of EZTube, our complete line of high-strength one-inch connectors and fasteners join our EZTube aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, EZTube steel tubes, stainless tubes, EZTube industrial hardware, and industrial accessories to form a tight fit with ease of assembly. Complete your frame with ease. Just use a soft-faced hammer to tap the connectors into place, or select our quick-release option if you need to disassemble your design in the future!. Available in seven different right-angle configurations in black or gray, quick-release or tight fit composite, as well as black steel core, we offer a connector for every EZTube application.

Our connectors are made in the USA out of advanced and highly durable composite materials with high melting points and maximum load-bearing capacities. For supreme capacities and durability, we offer welded steel-core hammer fit connectors and fasteners for industrial and outdoor use.

At the heart of EZTube lies our comprehensive collection of sturdy one-inch connectors and fasteners. These components seamlessly join various products, including aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubes, steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, industrial hardware, and industrial accessories, ensuring a secure and hassle-free assembly process. To assemble your frame design, simply use a soft-faced hammer to gently tap the connectors into place. Alternatively, opt for our quick-release option if you anticipate the need to disassemble your creation in the future.

Our fasteners are available in seven different right-angle configurations, offered in both black and gray color options. You can choose between quick-release or tight fit composite connectors, as well as black steel-core. With this wide range of choices, we have a connector suitable for every application you can imagine.

We take pride in the quality of our fasteners, which are crafted in the United States of America from advanced composite materials known for their exceptional durability and strength. These materials possess high melting points and offer impressive load-bearing capacities. For industrial and outdoor applications requiring supreme performance and longevity, EZTube also provides welded steel-core hammer fit connectors and fasteners.

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