At EZTube, we offer aluminum framing systems that can be used to construct custom carts, sizable displays, structures that block sound and racks with the ability to hold items that weigh hundreds of pounds. The frames do not require bolts, and frequently, customers are able to assemble the structures in 30 minutes.

Displays and Shelves

Patrons commonly utilize our products to create large exhibits at trade shows and conferences. Our business also offers panels that can hold signs and numerous graphics for your displays.

Accessories for Machines

Clients can use aluminum framing systems in order to build guards that may be placed around conveyor belts or heavy equipment. The products are able to hold screens that will prevent small pieces of metal or wood from being flung into the air while the equipment is operating.

Customized Orders

Before you make a purchase, you may sketch the structure that you want to create on our site, and we will recommend the aluminum framing systems that you need to complete your project. Our experts can modify and precut all of the components before we ship the products to you.

Additional Parts

Our business sells durable hinges, numerous types of connectors and casters. Furthermore, we provide several tools, such as lightweight hammers and devices that allow you to eliminate uneven edges.