Square tubing is an incredibly versatile material shape widely used in various construction and industrial applications.

To meet the demand of modern construction and industrial requirements, EZTube offers a comprehensive range of square tubes in different materials, including 1-inch square tubing and 1.5-inch square tubing which can be assembled using our proprietary connectors, or welded, bolted, or assembled as a standalone system. 2×2 square tubing, and 3×3 square tubing, in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are available. Whether you’re looking for metal tubing for structural framing, shelving units, or custom machinery solutions, EZ Tube has you covered. Here is a comprehensive guide to different tube profiles.

1-Inch Square Tubing

1-inch square, also known as 1×1 square tubing or 1-inch box tubing, is a popular choice for many projects. It offers a balance of strength and flexibility, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  • 1 inch square tubing: Ideal for lightweight frames and supports.
  • 1in square tube: Commonly used in DIY projects and light construction.
  • 1×1 steel tube: Provides the strength needed for more demanding applications.
  • 1 inch square steel tubing: Perfect for creating sturdy structures and frames.
  • 1×1 metal tubing: Versatile and easy to work with for both hobbyists and professionals.

2×2 Square Tubes

For projects requiring more substantial support, 2×2 is an excellent choice. It provides greater strength and durability compared to 1-inch tubing.

  • 2×2: Commonly used in medium to heavy-duty construction.
  • 2 inch tubing: Suitable for structural applications and heavy machinery frames.
  • 2×2 steel tubing: Known for its durability and resistance to bending and twisting.
  • 2×2 square tube: Ideal for creating rigid frameworks and supports.
  • 2 inch square steel: Often used in industrial settings for its robustness.

3×3 Tubing

For even more demanding applications, 3×3 tubes offer maximum strength and stability.

  • 3×3 tube: Perfect for large-scale construction projects and heavy-duty supports.
  • 3 inch square: Provides the necessary strength for industrial applications.
  • 3×3 steel tube: Commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and heavy equipment.
  • 3×3 steel square: Known for its high load-bearing capacity and durability.
Metal fittings for tubes and square tube profiles, extruded aluminum, t slot style extrusion, and metal pipe fittings

Metal pipe fittings for tubes and extruded aluminum

Perforated Tubing and Extrusions

Perforated square is ideal for applications requiring ventilation or specific design elements. It is commonly used in shelving units, railings, and custom projects.

  • Perforated tubes: Offers versatility in design and functionality.
  • Tubes with holes: Useful for creating adjustable shelving and display units.
  • Perforated steel tubing: Strong and durable, ideal for industrial applications.
  • Perforated metal tube: Provides both aesthetic and practical benefits.

Extruded Aluminum

Aluminum tubing, or extruded aluminum, is lightweight yet strong, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

  • 2×2 extruded aluminum: Commonly used in lightweight structural applications.
  • 6061 aluminum square tubing: Known for its excellent corrosion resistance and strength.
  • 6063 aluminum square tubing: Used exclusively by EZ Tube, 6063 T5 aluminum is aerospace-grade and among the highest quality aluminum alloy compositions.
  • Aluminum connectors: Provide easy assembly and disassembly for modular projects.
  • 2 inch square aluminum: Ideal for marine applications due to its resistance to saltwater corrosion.

Square Tubing Connectors

EZTube also offers a range of connectors for assembling frames and structures. These connectors simplify the construction process and provide strong, reliable joints.

  • Connectors: Ensure sturdy and precise connections between tubing sections.
  • Aluminum tube connectors: Lightweight and easy to use, ideal for DIY and professional projects.
  • Steel tube connectors: Provide strong, durable connections for heavy-duty applications.
  • Square tubing connector fittings: Available in various configurations to suit different design needs.

Applications of Extruded Aluminum

Tubes are used in a wide range of applications across different industries:

  • Construction: Used for structural supports, frameworks, and scaffolding.
  • Industrial: Employed in machinery frames, conveyor systems, and storage solutions.
  • Automotive: Utilized in roll cages, chassis, and custom modifications.
  • DIY Projects: Popular among hobbyists for building furniture, garden structures, and more.

Where to buy metal tubes?

EZTube’s extensive selection of tubes, including custom profiles, 1-inch, and available 2×2, and 3×3 sizes, along with various connectors and fittings, provides the perfect solution for any construction or industrial project. Whether you need lightweight aluminum tubing for a DIY project or robust steel tubing for heavy-duty applications, EZ Tube has the products and expertise to help you succeed. Explore our range of extruded aluminum tubes, connectors, and industrial supply hardware to find the perfect materials for your next project.