When we say that you can create anything with EZ Tube, we mean that you can create ANYTHING with EZ Tube. Think about it, whether you need an apparatus to hold signage or a mobile lighting rig, EZ Tube is the most versatile boltless construction system available anywhere. From the trade show to the home, EZ Tube is an excellent building material for anything that needs a frame.

Our customers are possibly some of the most creative people on the planet. We have been stunned by some of the projects that they have come up with over the years. We had also assumed that our product would be used for obvious, practical means such as trade show displays, art displays, etc. But we have seen nothing but brilliant examples of just how great EZ Tube is for any project. From fish tanks to vending machines, our customers have shown us that anything is possible with EZ Tube.

The only limitation is your imagination with our boltless construction system. You know that the best results come through trial and error, and with EZ Tube, it has never been easier to recover from a mistake when creating a piece. Use the wrong tube or connector? No problem! Because of the way our boltless construction system works, disassembly is quick and painless.

So feel free to experiment!