How often do you find yourself working on a project and think, “I could just save a bunch of time and buy this thing.” Then you find out that this large piece of hardware is well out of your price range? Let’s take one of our favorite EZ Tube projects for instance. These ingenious customers created an exotic bird cage with the help of our revolutionary boltless aluminum tubing.

After doing a quick search, we have found exotic bird cages similar to this are going for upwards of $2500! These fine folks who created this cage saved hundreds of dollars in exchange for a little work. But let’s say they took another route; they wanted to build their own cage but they didn’t use the EZ Tube aluminum tubing system.

Not only would they have paid more for the actual tubing, but they would have spent much more time on creating the cage because they would have had to bolt the tubing themselves. Not only would they be buying additional hardware, but, since there are more parts, there is more room for error.

  • These people chose not to compromise the integrity of their structure
  • They decided to save money
  • They decided to save time
  • They decided to use the EZ Tube aluminum tubing.

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