EZTube Aluminum Framing System revolutionizes construction with its boltless assembly and versatile components, empowering you to craft custom solutions for a myriad of applications.

From trade show displays to safety guards, portable displays to modular frames, EZTube provides the framework for your imagination to thrive.

6063 T5 aerospace aluminum structural profiles square tube, aluminum, aluminium tubes, extrusions, and anodized aluminum. 6063 T5 aerospace aluminum is used exclusively by EZTube for aluminum extrusions. EZ Tube is the global leader in advanced commercial and industrial framing solutions, supply, advanced metals, composites, and distribution.

Aerospace-grade 6063 extruded aluminum exclusively used by EZTube

Industries We Serve: EZTube caters to diverse industries, including Military and Defense, Aerospace, Horticulture, Zoos, Reptile and Frog Habitats, Aviaries, Aquariums, Trade Shows, Museums, Galleries, Printing and Signage, Pharmaceutical, Colleges and Universities, Manufacturing, Industrial, Computer, Restaurants, Party and Event Planning, Retail, DIY Enthusiasts, Robotics, Photography, Media, and beyond.

Endless Applications: With EZTube’s aluminum extrusions and press fit framing connectors, the possibilities are limitless. Craft custom photo booths, aquarium lighting frames, POP retail displays, animal enclosures, mobile room dividers, furniture, office dividers, original creations, whiteboards, and more. Create structures tailored to your specific needs and industry requirements with ease.

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EZTube Industrial Supply Hardware & Accessories

Features of EZTube Aluminum Framing System:

  1. Boltless Construction: Say goodbye to cumbersome bolts and nuts! EZTube’s press fit connectors allow for quick and seamless assembly, saving you time and effort.
  2. Versatile Components: Whether you’re working with square tubing or aluminum extrusions, EZTube offers a wide range of components to accommodate various design configurations.
  3. Quick Release Frames: Need to reconfigure your structure on the fly? EZTube’s quick release frames make disassembly and reassembly a breeze, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Applications Beyond Expectations:

  • Trade Show Displays: Impress clients and attendees with sleek and professional trade show booths tailored to your brand.
  • Safety Guards: Ensure workplace safety with custom-designed safety guards engineered to your specifications.
  • Modular Frames: Build modular frames for exhibits, retail displays, or office partitions, adapting to changing needs effortlessly.
  • Portable Displays: Take your marketing on the go with lightweight and portable displays perfect for events and promotions.

Unleash Your Creativity: With EZTube Aluminum Framing System, you’re not limited by traditional construction methods. Let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas to life with precision and ease. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, EZTube empowers you to build with confidence and creativity.

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Mobile golf simulators by EZTube allow you to practice and perfect your swing on-the-go. Build your next mobile golf simulator with EZTube!

Experience the freedom to design, innovate, and create with EZTube Aluminum Framing System. Start building your vision today!