Tobacco shops are just as much about experiences as anything else. Your store’s ambiance deserves a touch of modern elegance by incorporating EZTube’s aluminum frames to craft bespoke in-store cigar humidors. In this guide, we’ll explore how to seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and a DIY spirit to create a cigar haven that captivates customers.

Cigar and Pipe Rest by EZTube extruded aluminum frame 80 t slot 20 style tube extrusion boltless fastener construction tools industrial hardware

Cigar and pipe rest by EZTube

Aluminum Frame Foundations for Contemporary Appeal

Step into the modern era of tobacco retail with EZTube’s aluminum frames. The sleek, lightweight, and durable nature of these frames not only provides a sturdy foundation for your cigar humidor but also adds a contemporary touch to your store’s interior. The aesthetic appeal of aluminum effortlessly complements the sophistication associated with fine cigars.

Aesthetic Design for a Unique Shopping Experience

Transform the way customers perceive and engage with your tobacco shop by incorporating aesthetic design elements. EZTube’s aluminum frames, with their T-slot versatility, allow you to create a custom humidor that fits seamlessly into your store’s design. Integrate glass panels for visibility, LED lighting for ambiance, and personalized branding to make your cigar humidor a focal point of aesthetic allure.

Frame Flexibility for Tailored Humidor Configurations

EZTube’s modular aluminum frames offer unparalleled flexibility in design. Create humidor configurations that suit your store’s layout and capacity requirements. Whether it’s a compact corner installation or a grand display at the center of your space, the frames enable you to design a humidor that seamlessly integrates with your store’s unique characteristics.

DIY Magic: Assemble Your Dream Humidor

One of the standout features of EZTube is its DIY-friendly assembly. No need for specialized labor or lengthy installations. With EZTube, building your cigar humidor becomes a creative project. Engage your team or make it a solo venture—the simplicity of assembly ensures that your humidor takes shape quickly, without compromising on quality or design.

Humidor Functionality: A Perfect Environment for Cigars

Beyond aesthetics, EZTube’s aluminum frames create a controlled environment for cigars. Ensure the perfect conditions for storing and displaying your premium selection with climate control features. The frames’ durability and resistance to corrosion also contribute to maintaining the integrity of your cigar collection over time.

Pipe rest inspired by the Surrealist painting "The Treachery of Images" and built using EZTube

Cigar and Pipe Rest by EZTube

Redefining Cigar Retail with EZTube

With EZTube’s aluminum frames, the process of building in-store cigar humidors transcends mere functionality; it becomes an art form. Modern, aesthetic, and customizable, these frames empower tobacco shop owners to curate an immersive shopping experience. Embrace the DIY spirit, design with intention, and welcome customers into a world where fine cigars and contemporary elegance converge.