Global maritime and naval sectors demand robust, versatile, and efficient construction materials to withstand harsh marine environments. EZTube, a premier supplier of metals and extruded materials, provides innovative solutions tailored for maritime and naval applications. With a diverse range of products including extruded aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and press fit fasteners, EZTube supports the construction and maintenance of ships, offering unparalleled reliability and performance for even the harshest oceanic environments. 


Extruded Aluminum: A Workhorse of the Maritime Industry

Extruded aluminum is a cornerstone material in the maritime industry, among many others, because of its lightweight, high-strength properties, and resistance to corrosion. It is ideal for applications including:

Shelving and Framing

Aluminum shelving systems, constructed using EZ Tube‘s extruded aluminum and T slot style square tube connectors, offer durable and customizable storage solutions. These systems are essential for organizing tools and equipment efficiently on ships.

Structural Components

The high strength-to-weight ratio of extruded aluminum makes it perfect for structural components on naval vessels. It ensures robust construction without adding unnecessary weight, enhancing fuel efficiency and maneuverability.


Steel and Stainless Steel: Strength and Durability in the Maritime Industry and Beyond

Boltless Steel Shelving

Boltless steel shelving systems provide a sturdy and versatile storage solution. Easy to assemble and reconfigure, these systems utilize square tube framing and square tube connectors from EZTube to create strong, adaptable structures. The absence of bolts reduces the risk of loosening due to vibrations and movements typical in maritime environments.

Structural and Mechanical Applications

Steel and stainless steel extrusions are vital for constructing frames, supports, and other critical components. Their superior strength and corrosion resistance are indispensable for the harsh conditions faced at sea.

Discover how EZTube's extruded aluminum solutions enhance bulk ship construction. Featuring T slot style square tube framing, press fit fasteners, and boltless steel shelving, EZ Tube provides custom profiles and industrial supplies. Explore the benefits of EZTube's extrusions and fittings for reliable and efficient maritime applications.

A bulk ship uses EZTube to efficiently store equipment onboard for ease of use


Press Fit Fasteners: Secure and Reliable Connections

Fasteners and Connectors

Press fit fasteners are crucial in ensuring secure connections between extruded metal components. Unlike traditional bolts and screws, press fit fasteners do not require threading, making assembly quicker and more reliable, especially in environments where maintenance needs to be minimized.

T Slot Style Square Tube Systems

Using T slot and square tube systems, along with press fit fasteners, allows for modular and easily adjustable constructions. These systems are particularly beneficial in creating frames and supports that need to adapt to varying loads and configurations on navy ships.

Applications in Maritime and Naval Construction

Valve and Piping Systems

EZTube‘s extruded metals are also used in creating durable and corrosion-resistant valve and piping systems, crucial for the efficient operation of ships. Aluminum and stainless steel provide excellent resistance to the corrosive effects of seawater, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Boltless Framing for Ship Interiors

Boltless framing systems are increasingly popular for constructing ship interiors. These systems offer flexibility and ease of modification, essential for the dynamic needs of modern naval vessels. The use of EZ Tube‘s extruded metals and fasteners ensures these frames are robust and reliable.


For framing near me, use EZTube for commercial maritime applications

EZ Tube continues to lead in supplying high-quality extruded metals and fastening systems tailored for the maritime and naval industries. By utilizing extruded aluminium, steel, stainless steel, and press fit fasteners, EZTube provides essential components for constructing and maintaining efficient, durable, and adaptable naval vessels. Whether it’s for shelving, structural framing, or complex mechanical systems, EZTube’s products deliver unmatched performance and reliability, making them the preferred choice for maritime professionals.


A naval ship deck uses EZTube's extruded aluminum solutions with T slot style square tube framing, press fit fasteners, and boltless steel shelving, EZTube provides custom profiles and industrial supplies. Extruded aluminum redefines the durability and versatility of navy ship storage from EZ Tube

A ship uses extrusions to improve its deck utilization

For more information on how EZTube can enhance your maritime and naval projects, visit their website and explore the extensive range of industrial supply solutions available.