Construction contractors rely heavily on a variety of metals to ensure durability, structural integrity, and longevity. Metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and composite fasteners are fundamental components in modern construction due to their diverse properties and applications. Join us as we explore various metal tubing, square tubing in various sizes, and uses of metal in construction.

Fundamentals of a Square Tube

A square tube is a metal pipe with a square-shaped cross-section. It has equal sides on all four edges, hence builders use square tubes for constructing strong frameworks. The material can be aluminum, steel, or another metal. Square tubes offer excellent strength and stability. They come in various sizes, like 1 inch and 2 inches. Square tubes are easy to cut, weld, and join. As a result, they are versatile and used in many construction projects. Consequently, they can be seen in buildings, machines, and furniture.

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Aluminum Tubing in Construction

6061 and 6063 Aluminum Square Tubing

Builders choose aluminum tubing for its lightweight nature and high strength-to-weight ratio. 6061 aluminum square tubing offers excellent corrosion resistance. As a result, this tubing is used in outdoor structures. It is easily welded and machined, simplifying the construction process.

6063 aluminum square tubing has an excellent surface finish and can be easily extruded. 6063 T5 aluminum is aerospace-grade and higher quality than 6061. EZ Tube exclusively sells 6063 aluminum. It is also perfect for decorative architectural applications. Consequently, builders use it in window frames, door frames, and other aesthetic structures for a smooth finish.

Applications of Square Aluminum Tube

Aluminum square tubing serves as a reliable framework for various structures. Builders use aluminum for temporary scaffolding and permanent installations. The corrosion resistance of aluminum also makes it an excellent choice for railings and fences exposed to the elements.

Frameworks: Builders use aluminum square tubing for temporary scaffolding. It can also be used for permanent installations.

Railings and Fences: Aluminum resists corrosion. Consequently, this makes aluminum ideal for railings and fences exposed to the elements.


Stainless Steel Tubing in Construction

Stainless steel tubing offers unmatched strength and corrosion resistance. Construction projects that require durability and longevity rely heavily on it.

1 Inch Square Tubing

Builders and contractors use 1 in square tubing for both structural and decorative purposes. As a result, its sleek appearance and strength suit visible architectural features. Additionally, it supports hidden structural elements.

Stainless Steel Metal Applications

Builders use stainless steel square tubing for support structures in buildings and bridges. It provides essential strength and stability. Handrails and guardrails in public buildings and outdoor spaces also use stainless steel for its corrosion resistance.

304 stainless steel structural profiles used by EZ Tube for construction and press fit

Stainless steel tube is a popular choice for specific jobs. Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant metal made of multiple elements. As a result, it is an ideal material for use in construction.


Steel Tubing in Construction

Steel tubing is a fundamental material in construction due to its strength, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Square steel tube comes in various shapes and sizes, including one inch. As a result, steel is a great metal choice for many construction jobs.

Common Sizes of Square Steel Tube

1 x 1 square tube, or 1 inch square tubing, is known for its strength and versatility. Builders use this metal for frameworks, support structures, and machinery. For larger structures requiring additional strength, they use 2×2 square tubing. It supports building frameworks and heavy-duty equipment. Larger sizes, like 3×3 and 4×4 square tubing, provide significant structural integrity. Builders use them for industrial machinery bases and large-scale construction projects.


Contractors may construct many building frames using steel square tubing. It provides necessary support for walls, roofs, and floors. Steel tubing also supports heavy machinery and equipment, ensuring stability and durability.


Composite Fasteners in Construction

Composite fasteners are used for their resistance to corrosion, lightweight nature, and high strength. These fasteners securely join metal tubing and other components in construction projects. As a result, composite fasteners are increasingly popular in construction.

Uses of Composites in Construction

Builders may use composite fasteners for joinery because fasteners ensure stable connections without corrosion risks. Contractors use fasteners by securely joining aluminum, steel, and steel. Also, they may create custom structures by securely joining various metal components.


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For advanced building solutions, metal provides strength, durability, and versatility for various applications. Aluminum square tubing is used in decorative and structural applications. Stainless steel tubing offers unmatched corrosion resistance. Steel tubing forms the backbone of many structures. Composite fasteners enhance the usability of these metals by ensuring secure and durable connections. By understanding the properties and applications of these metals, builders can make better decisions and also achieve more successful construction outcomes.

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