The problem with taking promotional displays, lighting rigs and other structures on the road is assembling them on-site. Salespeople and artists seldom have a lot of construction or engineering experience, and assembling frameworks and structures usually requires various types of specialized tools. A boltless framing system is easy-to-assemble, and all you need is a hammer.

These structures use lightweight aluminum tubes that connect easily with interlocking tips. People can construct portable displays, aviaries, modular frames and custom structures with boltless framing systems and the right components and accessories. The frames adjust for different configurations, and the snap-lock system requires nothing but a rubber hammer for assembly. An ideal solution for vending products at fairs, festivals and flea markets, a framing system has many uses for hobbyists, DIY applications and marketing.

The potential uses are almost for our boltless framing system is almost endless, and you can choose from various materials, colors and coatings for your aesthetic goals. Accessories like baseplates, handles, hinges and casters make the structures more versatile for mobile displays, animal enclosures, safety guards and conveyor covers.

If you need a boltless framing system that you can adjust over time, an interlocking system allows you to add pieces to enlarge the structure, add more shelves or use old pieces to assemble new structures. Ideal for warehouses and distribution centers where storage needs change regularly, a custom-designed system offers tremendous functional and financial benefits for business owners and consumers.